Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Haagen Daaz Diet??

We make it no mystery that we are trying for a baby; recently though, we sought the assistance of a doctor in town. After a very interesting and detailed explanation of how a 'egg' turns into a baby, something was mentioned about exercise. A rather concerned 'ooh' passed through my lips which caught the attention of our doctor. He of course asked how much exercise I was talking about and I said 'not much... just 5-7 times a week of boot camp and running.' He laughed and wondered out loud (in question form) why we were wondering about the lack of 'child' after much trying.

Apparently exercise is not so great  for baby making. News to me. Apparently not news to my husband who proceeded to tell me that he definitely knew that and could have sworn that he had told me. Not.

Either way, our doctor's solution to our dilemma was to prescribe what he calls the Haagen Daaz diet. Yeah. When did being fit/in shape mean not being able to make babies? Most girls would be giddy with excitement about the thought of 'getting' to eat ice cream every day; however, for me our dear doctor also tacked a very ominous 'and' onto the end of his prescripton. The 'and' was: stop running. STOP RUNNING?? Uh. Ahem. Ooh.

Long and the short of it, I left the office dead silent (aside from the occassional uncomfortable chuckle which is about all I could muster). He asked if I had any questions and I probably did but I knew if I opened my mouth to say anything I would start crying. Silly? Not for someone who actually loves running.

That night I proceeded to open my first pint of 'ice cream'... not Haagen Daaz because I don't do dairy, but apparently Purely Decadent works just fine. Any full fat ice cream, dairy or not apparently works just fine, according to our doc. Funny thing is.... I had one bite and it didn't even taste good. Didn't taste good and I didn't want it.

Tonight is my next attempt at the ice cream thing. We shall see how it goes. I'm sure I'll settle into it eventually, especially with the prospect of having a baby...but it is a complete 180 for me and will take some adjusting.

As for the running? Well.... Uh. Ahem. Ooh. I haven't necessarily stopped :) but I am working on cutting back. It would be like, choose something that you love love love to do, see, whatever... your favorite thing ever ever ever. Now, imagine I said you couldn't do it anymore. What would your reaction be? Let me guess: Uh. Ahem. Ooh.

I'll keep you posted on my Haagen Daaz adventure, but for now... I'm off to have a snack :)

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