Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In going through my pictures and recipes I realize now that I am REALLY behind in posting all the fantastic things that I have been doing in this household lately!!

Honey is on the phone with T-Mobile, trying to figure out his 'new' phone; and by 'new', I mean my 'old' phone which really isn't old, just annoying to me. Here's the story: in August, he wanted a new phone; we also had just gotten married so I talked him in to switching to T-Mobile (secretly he likes it) which he wasn't too keen on. So the switch came and he ever so graciously took my old blackberry as his new phone and let me have the upgrade; such a fantastic man :)

Eight months later his phone (my old one) is kaputsky (sp.) as if we're all surprised... it was old when I had it and it's a wonder it has made it this far. So he says that he's going to T-Mobile for a new phone and I say ok. Then he texts me and wants me to meet him. I have Noodle Nose which is ok but I hate to have Noodle just hangin' while we talk phone. I go anyway. We get there and he tells me to pick out a new phone because he's taking mine; oh honey...

It's kind of a good thing because I have complained about mine; come to realize my complaints stem from the fact that I never took off the 'original' screen protector which really isn't a screen protector. It's really the plastic meant to keep your screen in good tact until you open it and get a real screen protector!! I'm like that though.

Long and the short of it: we're both happy; I have the best husband ever who took my 'old' (not so old) phone and I took the upgrade to the new, ever so fancy phone (which by the way is faaaaabulousssss!!) and we both have 'new' phones and we're both happy!

Back to my original purpose: recipes. Yeah, I have a ton to post. And bread... what is it with bread?? I want to bake; yes I do! But bread is not on my side. I just baked two different batches tonight. Originally I wasn't pleased but now... hmmm... maybe. I'll keep you posted; if it turns out good I'll post it. If it turns out bad I'll post how bad it was!!



  1. I just found the BEST bread recipe!! I baked it yesterday and it is SO good!! I want to play around with it a little to maybe up the whole wheat and down the butter, but we'll see.

    Oh and GO T-MOBILE!!!!

  2. Hi Lindsey! I will definitely try your recipe!! :) My second batch actually turned out pretty good in the end; the first batch? Not so much! Looking forward to trying yours!

  3. and seriously... I love T-mobile! :)



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