Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Spring Break Weekend

Whew! Spring break is over and we're back on a schedule... sort of. It took me almost an hour to wake up Noodle Nose for pre-school this morning. I, myself was not doing so hot either. Our rowdy youthful adventures of Saturday night were wreaking havoc on me!

Note to self: now that you're older you cannot stay up all night. If it is late, do not make it a goal to stay awake. This will cause problems in functioning for the next several days.

My brother's birthday was on Saturday so we took him out and showed him a good time. We ended up back at our house for an impromptu dance party. By the time 4:00 am rolled around, and after the police had come and gone, I decided to make it my goal to just stay up. This was a terrible mistake. At about 6 am I, of course, ended up falling asleep only to have to wake up at 7:30 when my parents brought Noodle Nose home. I didn't feel bad like I partied too much. Not at all. I was just really tired. And by tired I mean tiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeeddddd.

Of course, I had to be functional for several reasons: 1. mandatory work project with my mom, 2. take care of Noodle Nose, 3. clean the house and of course, 4. throw a dinner party! Ha!

It all worked out quite fine and I made a lovely dinner for our new fantastic friends. I will post our dinner shortly because I have been thinking about it; in fact, I am eating the leftovers right now!

Interesting thought about food blogging: It is, of course, a bonus to have pictures to really get the point across; but try explaining to your new friends why the heck you are taking a picture of their plate! Hi! Nice to meet you! Oh! Pardon, may I please photograph your food before you eat? :) They didn't care but it is rather funny!

I have a ton of recipes to post so check back in a bit!

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