Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eat your spinach

Ok, by now you understand my food 'tear' thing. Peanut butter, blueberry muffins, mac and cheese... do I sound pregnant? Yes. Am I? No, just acting like it.

Luckily for me, most of my food tears seem to be for good things, not bad. Recently (meaning a span of the last month or so) I have been really into spinach. This is good! I actually really like spinach; it's good for you, it tastes good and you should eat it!

I have found myself using it as a 'base' for a lot of other things I make. This works out well because I usually make way too much and honey has to eat it for leftovers. The spinach base also makes things look so much more fancy and fun, it adds 'bulk' to a salad and is packed (and I mean packed!) with good vitamins for your body.

Spinach is also good 'in' and 'on' things. I add it to pizza, pasta, various baked dishes, the possibilities are endless.

Why the post about spinach? Ok, in going through my food photos, I found some pictures of things I have made that inevitably have a spinach base. Instead of sending those pictures to the 'blogged' folder, never to be seen again (ok, not really) I thought I would try to inspire you to buy a bag or box or bunch of spinach and get creative! Just don't forget to wash it first... and that goes for the spinach that says it's already been washed!

Spinach with greek salad, tasty and light. A great 'ladies who lunch' choice...

Spinach with tabouleh; another light alternative...
(this is perfect for me for dinner. Lunch is my main meal so by the time I cook dinner, feed small child, sit down with honey, I'm usually over anything really 'big' or 'heavy')

Spinach on pizza...
Ok, you can't really see it, but it's there! Under the mass piling of fresh veg from the garden and Vegan Gourmet cheese!

Other uses, not pictured:
Spinach lasagna... so good! I have made it before and in fact, I'll make it again, take a picture and post a blog about it, just for you!

Simply steamed spinach... a little balsamic vinegar, a light steam, enough said. You're good to go.

Stir fry... add it at the last minute so it's not totally limp, just let it wilt a bit.

That delicious portobello vegan version of stroganoff... I have dreams about that stuff; mmmm.

And the list goes on! It's good for you, it tastes good so eat your spinach :)

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