Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Great Cracker Critique... courtesy of honey

After my cracker baking extravaganza, honey came home and wanted in on the action; so I prepped a little cracker cornucopia for him and made sure he knew he had to critique them as well as gorge himself on them.

Here's what he had to say:

Rosemary (my recipe)
'Taste is great! Crunch perfect! I like that the rosemary is in the dough"

Truffle (olive oil recipe)
"Good design, although unintentional. Good taste, great truffle"

Telicherry Pepper (olive oil)
"Good crunch but tastes plain; can't taste the pepper"

Fennel (olive oil)
"Good crunch good taste!"

Rosemary (olive oil)
"Good crunch; put rosemary in dough, like the other one"

Seaweed salt (olive oil)
"Too soft, needs to be crunchier. I like the flavor of the seaweed salt"

In the end, I decided that I really need a pasta roller to get the consistency more even. That way they all bake the same and all taste the same. Well, mother's day is coming up :)

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