Friday, April 30, 2010

Our furry family

Always entertaining with their personalities (yes, personalities) and quirks. Sometimes they are annoying but we love them no matter what...

What fabulous animals we have! Big B and the Soph Dog....

Bradley, aka Big B is our kitty, all 24 pounds of him! He has actually lost quite a bit of weight due to a strict diet upon guidance from the fabulous doctors at Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital. Last I checked he was down to about 19 pounds and has all the energy of a kitten... I am so glad he has his spunk back! Noodle Nose likes to tell people about Big B's diet... he says, 'yeah! and Big B? This is good! He's not diabetic anymore!!' We're all glad for him. I have had him since he was a teeny tiny kitten; we're going on almost 12 years now! And yes, even with his diet, he is much much bigger than the dog :)

Sophie, aka Soph Dog is our pound puppy... we're thinking jack/chihuahua mix? Whatever she is she's neurotic and we love and appreciate her for who she is. She had a rough life before us and we're glad she's with us now :)

Animals make life that much more fun... they are truly part of our family!!

xoxo, we love you Big B and Soph Dog!

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