Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things to do with Mason (or Kerr) Jars

I heart Mason jars; I really do. I know it's kind of an odd thing but I am seriously drawn to things that can be re-used. For instance: I just can't get rid of (recycle or the other) empty Earth Balance tubs, salsa jars, salad containers, things of that sort. Every time I reach the end of a container/jar and I find myself cleaning it out, I think of my Grandmother. We weren't close but when she passed, my mom was at her house cleaning it out and I remember her on the phone with me, absolutely astounded at the vast number of empty tubs and jars she had stored away; I get this. My mom is not like that though; use it and lose it is more up her alley.

Back to Mason jars; or Kerr, whichever. I dabble in a bit of canning during the season. I mostly got into it because of my little apple tree that could. Sourest apples you've ever bitten in to, but they sure do make the best applesauce! My little tree went off the hook a couple summers ago and instead of seeing them go to waste (same theory as the tubs/jars) I decided to make applesauce and can my little heart out. It worked out well!

Now though, since we have moved, I don't have the tree nor the need for so many jars. Garage sale them? No. Let's think of more fun things to do with them... they're not just for canning anymore!

1. Drinking glasses! They're unique, creative and very durable. You can drop these babies on the floor and they aren't likely to break. Yes, you will have a liquid mess, but no glass! They handle hot or cold beverages like a champ, hence why these are our coffee mugs of choice. Yes, the teachers at Noodle's school have called me a hillbilly with my mason jar mug of coffee but hey, what'cha gonna do?

2. Flower Vase! I know, this one seems like a cop out, but wrap some cute ribbon around it and you've got something pretty darn cute. I was carrying flowers for one of Noodle's teachers out to the car when I ever so gracefully dropped the darn vase! More worried about the flowers I was frantically running around trying to find something else to put them in. Mason jar? Voila!

3. Baking Supplies Container! There is something about baking soda in an open cardboard container that just doesn't sit well with me. Also, egg replacer comes in a lame plastic bag in a box. Talk about annoying and messy. Whip out your mason jar and lid and you've got a perfect solution.

4. Salt cellar! My sister-in-law gave us jam for Christmas a couple Christmases ago. It was Noodle's favorite, lovingly coined 'Auntie Erin's special jam'. She cleverly (on purpose or not) put them in the tiny jars which is especially nice when you have a small child who likes variety; it goes fast so you change flavors fast. All done with the jam... what to do with those tiny little jars? I put salt in mine and leave it next to my stove with all my other cooking whatnot. Need some salt? There it is!

5. Herb Jar! I make a lot of my own herb mixes; where or where to put my herbes de provence? A mason jar, of course! This one is the 'medium' jar... courtesy of another fantastic 'Auntie Erin's special jam'. They stack nicely, if need be and they are easy to get into!

There are a ton of things that you can use these fantastic jars. Let's see what you have to say? Have an idea? Post your idea(s) below in the comment section; let's see how creative you can be!


  1. We use ours for drinking glasses too. I've used them for vases on occasion because dandelions fit the best in there and all my other vases are way too big for those. You could also store craft supplies like glitter, beads, stickers, etc in there. I may have to invest in a flat of jars when I return to teaching because they are great for plenty of "educational things" like holding water for the water color painting station.

  2. I love using mason jars! We've used them for drinking glasses and vases. They are perfect for handpicked dandelions from cute little boys. They can also be used for craft storage. I think I might have to invest in a flat of them when I return to teaching. Glitter, beads, stickers, etc., always need some sort of organization.

  3. Good ideas Lindsey! I'm with you, I can never have too many of them... and they're pretty cheap too!



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