Monday, May 10, 2010

Anchovies & Olives in Seattle, WA

Being that it was mother's day weekend, I didn't do a lot of cooking. In fact, I really didn't do any. Thursday was leftover night, Friday was dinner at the Ryckman's (I told her to give me the recipe and I'd post it... it was fantastic!) and then Saturday we headed down to Seattle to see The Brementown Musicians at the Seattle Children's Theatre. Sunday we went to my folks' house for brunch, which turned out to be dinner. More on my Mom's incredible rice later!

Some good friends of ours decided to go with us so as two families we headed on our roadtrip. Since there were so many of us, the boys took the boys (they have two and we have Noodle, of course) and us gals drove the pin ball car.

Miss L'erin is a foodie fantastica and incredibly knowledgeable about where to go in Seattle (and any other city for that matter). With the boys happily devouring pizza and a movie, we headed off on our culinary adventure; one of our destinations being Anchovies and Olives on 15th Ave.

La Menu

Cheers! The Peroni and Champagne were delicious!

Now, I ALWAYS have my camera. Always. So when I went to reach for it and found my case but no camera, I was devastated. So then I proceeded to annoy Mark by talking about how devastated I was. Sorry Mark :). Luckily the boys provided candle 'flash' and I had my phone, so I have some pictures but apologies for the lack of quality.

I just love this picture... view from the restaurant

Being that this was our second 'course' we, as we did at the other restaurant, ordered several smalls and shared. Everything was so tasty and Chef Charles and the others were incredibly friendly and open. When we asked where he comes up with his ideas he said it just comes from his head; talk about true talent in the kitchen. This is it right here.

Hans, our server was right on top of it, recommended our fantastic bites and was happily willing to answer any questions we had.

Now, might I mention the music? The boys were so digging it they asked Hans who was in charge of the unexpected but well received 80's rock ballad montage; turns out the prize goes to the bartender... a very random but fantastic choice! A perfect addition to the incredible food.

This is Honey and Miss L'erin with one of the fantastic chefs!

Here's what we had:

Hamachi - It was so tender and easy to eat; it was finished with pickled rhubarb, a fantastic olive oil and taggiasca olives.

Uni - Now, I had never had uni so looking at it (in candle light) I couldn't really tell what has been done to it; turns out nothing except the sweet little bed of cucumber and radish. The best way for me to desscribe it is how L'erin stated it: it's like butter! And yes, it is like butter... sea butter. Different yet delicious; you definitely don't need much; it's very rich!

Castelvetrano Olives - These... oh these. I could eat them every day and then lick the bowl they came in. Yes. That good. Mark asked Hans the what and how... here is the deal: they are unripened olives, brined first then drained and drenched in a fantastic olive oil. They are rich and flavorful with bursts of the brine then olive oil. A definite must order.

All in all? The four of us could have moved in permanently. I am looking forward to trying the other Ethan Stowell restaurants in Seattle: How To Cook a Wolf and Tavolata... L'erin has been to both and raves. I guess we have to make another trip down!

The prep table... so colorful

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