Monday, May 3, 2010

Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This delectable sandwich goes so so well with the tomato coconut soup... talk about mmm mmm good! Kids and grown ups alike will love this twist on a good old classic.

I loaf italian bread (note: any artisan bread would be great, just make sure it's sliced thin enough that it's not ultra 'bready')
Vegan Gourmet mozzarella
1/2 onion, sliced very thin
1 teaspoon curry
Fresh basil leaves
Earth balance

In a pan, heat your oil; once hot, add onion and sautee on med high. About 5 minutes into the process, add the curry powder and stir to incorporate. Let cook, stirring every once in a while to flip/mix the onion. As they get softer, slowly reduce the heat... don't be in a hurry to do this, they need to caramelize. The whole process is maybe about 15-20 min.

If your bread is already sliced, fantastic! If you're slicing it, slice it thin... not like, kind of thin but leaning towad thick; think a loaf of bread thin.

Heat your flat pan to med and prepare for sandwich grillin'.

Slice up your cheese and butter the outside of both sides of your bread. Line one inside piece of bread with cheese. When onions are finished and caramelized fantastic, top cheese with onions. Top onions with fresh basil leaves; I leave them whole.

As sandwiches are 'built', add them to your flat pan to grill. Let them go until the bread is a lovely golden brown, about 5 minutes then flip. Do the same for the other side.

When done, pull off the flat pan.

Slice and arrange on a plate (don't forge to add your bowl of soup!) Don't forget to ask the 'eater' of the sandwich if he/she likes 'doors' (cut in two), 'windows' (cut in four) or sticks (cut lengthwise into four sticks). This is very important, as all people eat sandwiches in their preferred shapes!


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