Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good info on 'alternative' diets

My sister-in-law forwarded me this link from

I am posting this because people frequently ask me what my 'view' on eating is since I cook mostly vegan but I'm not a vegan.

Sometimes I use cheese in my recipes and sometimes I even cook with seafood; but the seafood is mostly reserved for when I eat at people's houses or at restaurants. I choose to do this because I am very aware and sensitive to people 'going out of their way' for me and my eating habits. In my eyes there is a limit and I would never 'expect' anyone to cook specifically for me and my personal intentions. That and I don't necessarily think that creatures of the sea have feelings like people or chickens or cows, etc... I'm just saying.

Check it out and pass it on... you could teach someone something too!

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