Saturday, June 26, 2010

Are you ready for a THROWDOWN???


Last night was spent in the kitchen, Team Veg vs. Team Carnivore prepping for today's big Throwdown. Well, Team Carnivore's sous chef was hard at work... where was Team Carnivore's leader? Who knows... drinking a beer at Scotty Brown's probably. I mean, how can it take over an hour to pick up two things at the grocery store?? Who knows.

But while he was throwing back cocktails down the street (lucky for us it's just a hop skip), Team Veg was fine tuning our delicous fresh cocktail, honing in on our win-clenching dessert and ribbing Team Carnivore (or their only working sous, at least) to no end. I love you Honey, but you're going down :)

Who will reign supreme? Team Veg!!!! Stay tuned to find out and for more pictures and details!

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