Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coco Lime 'rita'... ahhh

Who buys coconut vodka? Apparently I do! I know, who buys flavored vodka aside from the oh so flexible vanilla vodka? I don't... very often... anymore. I say 'anymore' because of the 'purchasing' of flavored vodka before the actual age of being able to purchase said flavored vodka. Come on, all of you and I know together that I wasn't the only one who was out there 'buying' said flavored vodka at that age.

Tangent over... I bought this coconut vodka for a reason; couldn't tell you why now. I either bought it for something I was making (don't remember) or I bought it on a whim because I like coconut. Either way, this drink proved light, refreshing and zesty!

I was feeling like sipping on something a little more summery on a summer day and this is what I came up with. I might even buy more coconut vodka, just to make this drink!

Need: (Note: this makes one drink... do the math for more :))
2 oz coconut vodka
6 oz margarita mix (I use Stirrings... it's the best!)
4 oz fizzy water (club soda)
1 lime wedge

Put some ice in your glass. Add the coconut vodka, then the margarita mix, then the fizzy water. Stir.

Cut your lime in half, then one of the halves in quarter. Squeeze one quarter in to your drink and slice the other one to sit on the edge of your glass.

Drink, repeat.

It is super easy, very delicious with a different twist, courtesy the coconut vodka.


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  1. Our liquor store did NOT have coconut vodka, apparently no one buys it here! :D So I went for coconut rum instead. Great drink idea, Ellen. It's delicious yet light. Perfect for a summer day, um, evening. I will be mixing up a pitcher at the family reunion!--Hope



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