Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dakota Creek Adventures...

If you read my blog frequently you know that I love Dakota Creek Winery which is one of the fantastical local wineries in town. If you're ever in the area I more than highly recommend going to see them.

Jill and Ken are wonderful; highly knowledgeable and super friendly. Their grounds are gorgeous and their wines equally gorgeous. Auntie Erin and I are heading out tomorrow, picnic in hand, to taste their summer releases.

Heading to Dakota Creek for Auntie and I is like going to see family. Last time we were there I brought a basket of cheese, bread, crackers and olive spread. Upon arrival, we set up inside and were so glad and happy to see that Jill joined in the picnic fun, sharing her wine expertise as we noshed.

Defininitely, definitely DEFINITELY take the time to go see Dakota Creek... their wine is my fave. Really, my ultimate 'go to' drinking wine is Dakota Creek and my go to 'give to a hostess' gift is Dakota Creek. Either way you cut it, you have to go. The end. And scene.

Thank you Jill and Ken for making us feel so welcome whenever we are there :)

p.s. their 'Art at the Winery' event is coming soon... August 21st, 10am to 5pm. A super fun event combining local artists with Dakota Creek wine and local food. These are three of my favorite things!!!

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