Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A delicious happy birthday post

So yesterday was my birthday and I was thinking about all the wonderful things I would post about after my day; like my delicious meal that would either be made by Honey or made by a fantastic chef at a fantastic restaurant that Honey would have fantastically taken me for my birthday. Unfortunately though, my happy birthday dinner consisted of this:

An eensy weensy good old pb and j... but I can make it look pretty good in a picture, right?? And yes, I was alone for several hours the evening of my birthday so I DID have time to take pictures of all these things you see here. I am also a huge dork.

So... as to not disappoint (which subsequently means that I will take a little more time to drag out the fact that my birthday was lame not what I was expecting) I will now take you through a delicious, yet very un-cake-like pictoral montage of delicous birthday 'things'.

A special thank you to my parents for taking Noodle and me to lunch and giving me some very fun and fantastical goodies including these lovely note cards featuring cooking 'garb'... I love!

Noodle also got me, courtesy of Nan, some neat Dr. Seuss note cards... we love 'the Seuss'.

Another special thank you to my darling Swiackeys who took pity on me and let me come over for some Veuve, roasted almonds with truffle salt and blueberries. They also had some beautiful flowers, a cupcake balloon and the most adorable birthday pictures drawn by several equally adorable almost five-year-olds (and one two year old). See if you can figure out which picture was drawn by 'the boys' and which picture was drawn by 'the girls'. Thank you friends; I heart you :)

Clearly illustrated by the...

And equally clearly illustrated by the...

And the babe... it's a masterpiece!

Luckily for me, my fantastical parents are hosting some of my closest friends at their beach house this weekend, so I will continue to 'milk' the birthday thing for a while. I am especially looking forward to Nana and Archer's 'sand castle' birthday cake... I promise to take pictures :) I am also looking forward to dinner tomorrow night at La Patisserie with my dad and Terry. I'm thinking I will get Terry's GI-NORMOUS tofu  platter; just because it's fun!

Oh! And bonus birthday surprise... thank you Foodbuzz for (randomly selecting me to win) the wonderful Tom Douglas by Pinzon Bamboo Prep-and-Serve Board with Stainless Steel Cups. It arrived in a gloriously large box that had Noodle Nose going nuts to open! I was the weekly winner of the Foodbuzz 'tell a friend' weekly raffle. Raffle shmaffle... the board is awesome and I'm stoked!

Additional things that I love... here are a couple beautiful pictures of my sweet Noodle Nose preparing 'appetizers' out of his quickie dinner. I made him a cheese quesadilla... what can I say? He likes it!! And some tomatoes (which he had already eaten by the time this shot was taken) and baby cucumber slices. He proceeded to put the cucumber slices on top of the quesadilla and say 'wook mommy, I made lil appetizer!!' Lordy... he is clearly my child; sweetest thing ever...

And this, quite possibly, was the best birthday present ever! As I sipped Veuve with the Swiackeys, I received a text message from our favorite Uncle Kelly... the caption was this: 'the BIGGEST lil' veggie slider in the world! Thanks again for the road grub, El, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'

I love that our left over burgers from the throwdown (the vegan burgers) are making their way around the western half of America! Love you Uncle Kelly!!


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