Friday, June 11, 2010

Foodbuzz's 24/24 Challenge for June!


I am so excited to report that my proposal was chosen to be one of the 24 for Foodbuzz's June challenge!! It also happens to be my birthday month and the day of the challenge, June 26th was the day I was going to celebrate my June 29th birthday... guess it's going to be a throwdown kind of birthday!

What fun this is going to be... I am so pleased and Honey can't wait to get in on the action either. Here's the set up:

Vegetarian vs. Carnivore... A Taste of Summer BBQ Throwdown.

We will both be preparing 'traditional' summer BBQ favorites, with our own twist. Mine will be vegetarian/vegan and his will be carnivorous.

The evite is officially out as of this morning so whoever RSVPs will get their name put in the 'Judging hat'; we will then randomly draw six people to judge our meals based on three criteria: TASTE, CREATIVITY and PLATING.

As we cook, judges and guests alike can mingle about the chefs, ask questions or just socialize amongst each other. We will, of course, have a lovely area set up for everyone and lots of food and drink. Atmosphere is everything, right?? Hopefully it won't be raining!!

The food categories are as follows:
Main (which shall include two salads)
Bonus Beverage Round

When I told Honey that this was actually happening I think he flipped into panic mode. We spent some time last night going over a few things but he really wanted me to tell him my ideas! Yeah right Honey, you're on your own!! :) It's like I said... in a room full of devout meat eaters (sans Abby, Hayden, Uncle Kelly and myself) he already has the advantage.

Stay tuned for more planning tidbits and definitely look out for the massive blog covering this event :)

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  1. Oooh, good luck to both of you! I'm sure it will be a hard decision. I look forward to the postings!



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