Friday, June 18, 2010

A Pizza Frenzy!

We have pizza night in our house quite often; I love pizza. I think pizza is fantastic! It allows the maker or 'putter togetherer' to be completely creative with the toppings.

Things needed for a pizza frenzy:
1. A great dough recipe... check.
2. A shed load of toppings... check.

It's truly that easy. And have I mentioned my pizza dough?? My favorite... I use it for all kinds of things. It's really easy to make, even easier to work with and makes a nice light crust for that shed load of toppings! PS... for the recipe, check out the post specifically dedicated to this fantastic dough!

Our most recent pizza night was quite adventurous. I had this idea for a sweet/savory thing so I made a cherry balsamic reduction. Starting off, of course, cherry pitting away until I had enough to reduce with a little balsamic... basically exactly how I make my cherry tomato reduction that I am so fond of. Speaking of, I made that too :)

From there, my shed load of toppings included sauteed scapes, crimini mushrooms, faux sausage all browned up and delicious, matchstick carrots, truffle salt... um, duh. (unless you're new here. If you're new here, I lurve truffle salt! use it on almost everything!!) butternut squash, quick fried tofu and some truffle paste. I also had sundried tomatoes and olives but I got side tracked and didn't end up using them. Oh, and cheese; we had truffle goat and feta. A note on cheese: I actually like my pizza without cheese. I think cheese masks all of the wonderful topping flavors. I do make an exception because my dear Honey puts up with my odd cooking with a smile on his face. I just can't take cheese on pizza away from him; he's such a good sport!

tomato balsamic reduction and cherry balsamic reduction

Sauteed scapes... loooove scapes!

How could you not love anything truffle?

Back to the pizza. When we make pizza we don't make just one kind, we go off the wall and make as many wacky combinations we can think of. I mean, if you have the dough you might as well, right?

Also, I belong to the "I like my pizza mishapen" camp. Honey belongs to the "My pizza must be round" camp. Needless to say, he gets his panties all in a bunch when I roll the dough out funky. He eats the pizza anyway.

This time around I will showcase three of our pizza concoctions!

Number 1 - 'Sausage', mushroom, sauteed scapes, fresh basil and truffle cheese with a cherry balsamic reduction...

Number 2 - Tofu, butternut squash, carrot and feta with a tomato basil reduction...

Number 3 - Truffle paste, truffle salt, sauteed scapes, crimini mushrooms, 'sausage' and truffle cheese... aka truffle heaven



  1. Yumm! Those pizzas look so delectable.. I could do anything for a slice right now!

  2. Yay! Thank you :) It's so much fun to do!



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