Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scapes n' Greens... a few of my favorite things!

I'll be back in the kitchen today. We had yet another busy weekend booked up with a dinner party, a cocktail party, a party and then another get together. Saturday was a doozy of a day for me. I woke up not feeling so hot and it only got worse once the remainder of my buzz wore off. I really didn't go too crazy but my fatal mistake was that I didn't eat any dinner. Any dinner. We went to a party where 'meat' was the main dish and I, of course, don't eat meat so I drank champagne instead. Brutal, but who lets perfectly good Veuve go to waste... what a shame that would have been.

Yesterday morning I put together some version of 'breakfast'. I actually took a picture of this 'breakfast' because it felt like such an oxymoron for me to be eating it. I title it 'what food bloggers eat when they're not feeling so hot'. It was delicious but a far cry from my usual tasty and visually pleasing cuisine. I'll get to that later, but for now,a quick post on a few of my favorite things...

One of the many things I love about our farmer's market are the garlic scapes and garlic greens... I can never find them in the store and they are so fantastic to cook with. I find myself stocking up every Saturday during the summer in order to have enough to last me through to the next weekend. Sigh... when the season is over I will have to relish in the memories of delicious scapes and greens. Or perhaps can them... hmmm, there's a thought.

Artichokes... such a fun and fantastic food! I love artichoke season because that means a simple and tasty appetizer loved by all, small child and husband and friends alike.

These are some signs of summer!

We actually had one nice day yesterday... hooray!! Unfortunately, I proceeded to (accidentaly) fry myself to a lovely shade of lobster. I am paying for it today, that's for sure. Normally I don't burn. Like, at all. I have that great skin that soaks up the sun and gets tan without any effort. I don't know what the deal was yesterday; I wasn't even in the sun very long but I am as red as a lobster. Perhaps it's good that it's not so nice out today; I would feel a compulsion to get out in the garden but now that's replaced with my compulsion to get in the kitchen and my not so passionate compulsion to get on that laundry.

Be back soon!

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