Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Foodbuzz 24x24 for July!

I am so excited to say that my proposal for Foodbuzz's July 24x24 meal was accepted! This month they are doing something a little different; it is the Foodbuzz 24x24 Gulf Ambassador event!

The theme this month is 'gulf inspired' and instead of receiving $250 for the preparation and execution of the meal, Foodbuzz is going to donate it to the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) to assist with the devastation that is affecting the gulf so terribly.

When I heard about this month's 24x24 I wanted to do something really fun and special. At first I brainstormed typical gulf inspired things like jambalaya, crawfish, gumbo, you know... but then I thought to myself, "self? The majority of proposals will most likely be some sort of jambalaya, crawfish, gumbo... it's kind of... expected." So what to do that is unexpected yet gulf inspired yet fun and fantastical? I put my brainstorming hat on with my most favorite brainstorming partner, Nan and out came the clouds (think Imagination Movers... all the different ideas swirling above their heads).

Now, before I go into what I'm going to do, I must say that at first I wondered if the idea was a little 'harsh', or maybe not harsh but 'sensitive' given the massive destruction caused by the oil spill; but my brainstorming partner assured me that it would be ok. And so without further ado...

La Pure Mama's July 24x24 event is:

'Oil Done Right: A How-To On Creating Your Own Flavored Oils'
(and a tasting too!)

Ta dah! Here is the deal: There will be five stations representing five areas affected by the oil spill. Each of those stations will have ingredients for creating flavored oils dedicated to their specific area as follows:

Texas - spicy jalapeno infused oil
Louisiana - sassy cajun oil
Mississippi - oh so smoky barbecue oil
Alabama - rich roasted tomato infused oil
Florida - a zippy, flavorful tropical orange infused oil

There will be one or two people at each station to make the various oils. Not only will each station make oil, they will also prepare an appropriate 'starch' to go along with the oil from their area; crackers, beignets, biscuits... the possibilities are endless!

Then once we're done making the oils and whatnot, we will have a tasting! (I will make some ahead of time so we have something to taste)
Each participant will receive a booklet containing the recipes for all oils and starches, along with some information on the gulf situation, rescue efforts, etc... this way they can take it home to reference and share the gulf information with friends and family.

I am super excited about this unique and educational event! Stay tuned for more information and pictures after the event on July 24th! I may even hold a contest for some of the oils :)

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