Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green Potatoes

I don't know, I was just in the mood for something really... 'homey' last night. Not like saggy pants or a bandana, just something comforting and filling to eat. Translation: something with a lot of carbs in it. My extended family's version of this is macaroni and cheese with fried potatoes. They love it! I can't go there but I totally understand the comfort food trigger.

So I was wandering the grocery store trying to think of how I could incorporate what I had at home with whatever I was going to buy. I was so uninspired that I actually thought I would pick up a magazine and randomly select a recipe. It was at that moment that I said to myself, 'self? twice baked potatoes!!'

Now, I am not normally a potato gal unless it comes in the form of a french fry of course. But for some reason a giant baker potato, twice baked sounded fun. Perhaps it is because I spent the weekend on Samish Island and to leave or arrive you have to pass through fields and fields of potatoes. It's like, potato central; the kind of place that makes you want to dream about potatoes and then, subsequently, eat potatoes. Hence, this post.

Of course, I can't do anything normally AND I wouldn't dare taint my sweet little potatoes with something as nasty as bacon so I tweaked it a bit and incorporated things I have at home which just so happen to be GREEN. We eat a lot of green things in our house. Plus if you didn't notice (which I'm sure you did) I changed my blog layout so I could also say that this meal is a celebration of the 'coming out' of my new green blog look :)

Here is my 'slightly more mature' but no less snarky or delicious version of a twice baked potato:

4 large-ish baker potatoes
5 garlic scapes, chopped
8 shitake mushrooms, chopped fine
2 heads broccoli, de-stemmed and cut into small florets
1 anaheim pepper
Truffle salt
Extra virgin olive oil
1 small package chevre
4 green onions, chopped
Tofutti sour cream

Turn your oven on 400 and wrap your clean potatoes in tin foil. Put them in the oven and let them bake for about 45 minutes or until soft. Remove from the oven and then turn the oven down to 375.

While your potatoes are cooking, you have the perfect opportunity to chop all your veg and have a glass of wine!

(yes, I realize that I said I was having wine and here is a picture of a beer... it wasn't mine.
Honey just HAS to get into my pictures! I think it's his way of trying to be famous)

In a pan, heat some olive oil and sautee your scapes for about 3 minutes. Add the shitakes to your scapes, mix and let cook another 3 min. You may need to add a little more oil.

Once shitakes are soft, add the broccoli and anaheim pepper to the mix. Sprinkle with truffle salt and a little pepper, combine well and let cook for about 6-7 minutes.

At this point, turn off the heat, cover and let sit.

Back to your potatoes... open the tin foil and remove the potatoes. Be careful please; I went ahead and burned my hand just for you, so I would be able to honestly tell you how hot they are.

Carefully slice each potato in half length wise. Note: you want to salvage the skin, so go slow and be careful (that's what she said). Once in half, gently (GENTLY) scoop the meat out of the middle potato, leaving a good wall so they remain structurally sound. Put the meat in a bowl.

Put the potato shells back into the tin foil and fold down the edges so it makes a cute little tin foil boat. Put these boats on a cookie sheet, for easy transfer.

To your bowl of meat, add the contents of the sautee pan. With a potato masher, mash it so the potato meat breaks up and everything incorporates.

Add your chevre, in little pieces, to the whole mix and combine well. Add a little more truffle salt and pepper, stir again and begin your scoop...

Scoop the mix into each potato shell, start with a little and gently pack it down then add another layer etc... until you have a huge mounding potato. Note: you should be able to use all the filling.

Put the cookie sheet of loaded potatoes into the oven and let cook for another 10-15 minutes. Remove and you're done!

You can either serve it in it's little silver tin foil boat or take it out... I'll leave that up to you! But do make sure to top with a little Tofutti sour cream and a lot of chopped green onions!

You can serve these as a side or as a main dish. I served them as a main dish with a side of slap yourself in the face spicy brussel sprouts. I also served them with a side of Master Chef, which premiered tonight. I watched to root on fellow blogger and extraordinary chef, Azmina at Lawyer Loves Lunch. I can't wait for next week!!

These potatoes are hearty and healthy, really flavorful and fun to look at because they are... green!



  1. My kind of potato dish. Great flavors and a little heat from the anaheim pepper. Fantastic photos as well.

  2. You are AWESOME! Only you could gussy up twice-baked potatoes, and in such a sophisticated manner :) I have yet to try garlic scapes but I'm definitely intrigued. And I love the new blog set up. I'm a hug fan of green as well!
    PS: Thanks for the MasterChef shout-out. You totally made my day!

  3. Lazaro, thank you! They were pretty darn good... and filling too! I'm glad you're here :)

    Azmina, thank you :) And I am just so excited for your masterchef work! You'd think we were friends from birth the way I was watching masterchef; I kept pointing you out to my husband... can't wait to see the next episode!
    Super cool :)



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