Thursday, July 1, 2010

Naturally Knocked Up e-course

During one of my recent 'trolls' of the internet, I discovered a website called Naturally Knocked Up. Now, if you know me or have been reading for a while, you know that Honey and I have been trying to have another little babe. Unfortunately I am plagued with some issues in that department. Boo to my ovaries. We have been seeing a specialist but haven't gotten very far. That specialist (who is great, by the way) told me I should stop exercising (tear) and start on the Haagen Daaz diet. For most women, this would be heaven; at least, this is the reaction I have received from basically everyone I have shared this little jewel of information with. For me however, it is hell; my own personal version of hell. I love to exercise. In fact, I was supposed to run my first marathon last weekend but 'couldn't' because I'm not 'supposed' to be working out. Boo. Luckily Foodbuzz's 24x24 meal was that day so I tried to focus on that and not the fact that I wasn't running... but that's just a side note.

So, during my troll, I stumbled across the Naturally Knocked Up website and was intrigued with what I saw. We are healthy people, we eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle, avoid drugs as much as possible and get adjusted frequently :) This course is all about what you can do naturally to balance your body and get ready for pregnancy. I am definitely going to sign up for the e-course! In fact, I was so excited about the information that Donielle has to share, I decided to become an affiliate to help spread the word.

Donielle's mission for this course is to “increase the odds of conception through natural living and nourishing foods.” Donielle is extending that mission through this e-course designed to share her research and personal experiences on natural fertility. The nice thing about this course is anyone can take it. If you are trying to have a baby (whether you have issues in that area or not) your body needs to be the healthiest vessel possible. This course is exactly that!

If you, or anyone you know is going through the same thing, a: check the e-course out and sign up... we can take it together! and b: shoot me an email! I don't have many people who are going through the same thing :)


  1. Good luck!!! i love having kids and want more myself... so i will send fertile thought your way ;0)


  2. Lauren,
    Thank you so much! I will take all the positive fertility I can take. Hope to see you have more too :)



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