Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slap Yourself in the Face Spicy Brussel Sprouts

Ok, now I know pretty much everybody in the world hates brussel sprouts but I don't! I actually really like them... when they're cooked right, of course. I can completely understand despising the sweet little baby cabbages if you remember them being steamed to the point ot disentegration; we're talking like steamed for an hour. That could turn anyone off.

My mom, whom I learned everything from made some kick a brussel sprouts many many years ago using a pepper infused oil. She sauteed them with that and just a bit of salt and pepper until they got all crusty and brown. Then you take a bite and they were crispy and fresh with the bite of the oil... uh. I still have dreams about those brussels. But let's not get too carried away...

I have spent the better part of my adulthood obsessively trying to recreate those brussels that stole my heart so many years ago. Alright, I won't go overboard, I haven't stressed out about it that much. Probably because I can do it and they're good but they aren't the same. So in classic 'moi' fashion, I decided to make my own version of spicy brussels.

This one is spicy... if you're a spice pansy (no offense... my mom is a spice pansy), you may want to dial it down a notch. Us Northwestern Sheens (and at least one Cali one too) have buns of steel and lurve our spice so I went all out. It's also really simple so you can cook it up and add it as a fantastic side dish to your main.

14 brussel sprouts
dash olive oil
2 Tablespoons dried shallots
Salt and pepper
2 Tablespoons fresh chili paste (for SPs, dial it down to 1 Tablespoon)
1 Tablespoon agave nectar


Wash your brussels, cut the butts of and slice in half lengthwise.

In a sautee pan, heat your dash of olive oil. You don't want too much because you want the brussels to get a little crusty.

Add your brussels and shallots to the pan. Stir to incorporate, dash with some salt and pepper and let cook about 5 minutes on med/high heat.

Add your chili paste and agave nectar. Stir again to get everything combined and let cook another 5-7 minutes.

When your brussels are barely soft yet a little crispy on the outside turn off the stove; you're ready to serve! Note: the barely soft thing is key! Over cooked brussels are at the top of my list of things I don't like; and I don't like very many things!

Pile them on as a side dish to whatever you're serving and enjoy the spicy little sweeties! The shallots offer a little bit of crunch, similar to what bacon would do, I imagine and the brussels, perfectly cooked with the spice are just plain fun to eat!

See the silver beauty in the back? Remember that one? That was the green potatoes from the other day. I must be on a green kick... everything green is just so good!


  1. I LOVE Brussels Sprouts! And I love spice! Going to try this one right away. Yummy!

  2. A. I love brussels sprouts, and B. I'm no SP. These look great!

  3. Somehow, you made brussel sprouts look good!

  4. Erin, you would love these!

    Lisaiscooking, Thank you! I love to 'meet' other brussel sprout lovers... brussels get no love!

    Christina, Thank you so much! :)

  5. Hi, I too love buressl sprouts. But where do you get dried shallots? Cna I just buy regular shallots? OR are they just in the seasonings aisle?

  6. Hi there! You could absolutely use fresh shallots... they're probably easier to find too! I found dried shallots in the amazing spice section at The Market, one of our local grocery stores. If you have a spice shop or grocery store with bulk spices you might find them there. Otherwise, fresh shallots will definitely work just fine. Thank you for the comment! :)



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