Saturday, August 28, 2010

International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) Highlights... day 1 and 1/2

Alright folks... I have all this amazing verbiage typed out into a saved blog post. My intention was to post it with pictures throughout the weekend. That was until I brought THE WRONG camera cord with me!!! Aahh! Are you serious? Yes!! So my amazing pictures could not be removed from my camera. Man, was I ever cursing myself this morning; hence no blog post... until now...

And then my amazing dad, took Noodle to every camera store/radio shack in search of a cord that would work for my camera, which, apparently doesn't exist... lame. But then, miracle... one of the radio shack guys tells my dad I can put my card into my mom's camera, which happened to fit the cord I brought; thank you Lord we have pictures!! And p.s. then when my dad said that I was like, duh... I knew that! I used to do that all the time with her camera. Sometimes it just happens that way I guess :)

So I spent this evening (after a lovely meal at Tavolata) downloading pictures. While doing that I simultaneously decided to omit the lengthy verbiage and give you some pictures with a little amazing commentary instead. Seriously... there has been so much going on this weekend at the International Food Blogger Conference I can't even begin (at least for right now) to explain what I have learned.

What I can tell you is this: 1. I will absolutely positively be going next year, 2. YOU should absolutely positively go next year... seriously, IFBC has a ton of great info and as much as I can 'relay', you have to be here to really 'get it'. 3. I will try my darndest (sp?) to share as much as I can with you in manageable doses.

In the mean time, here are some pictures, with commentary of course (because it's me and I can't not commentate... please excuse the double negative)

Numero uno... there is a bookstore here with all kinds of lovely books from food novels to cookbooks; and this one? May I just say? Story of our loves.... Honey loves this!

Me and Morgan Spurlock, Director of Supersize Me (one of my favorite movies). I was seriously star struck, which is so funny because he is such a 'normal' down to earth guy. AND he downed a lot of cocktails while he talked and I love that!

Mr. Spurlock... talking and downing cocktails made by the hot POM girl in the background :)

The other half of the room... so many food writers in one room!

More cookbooks ... inspiration city

Um.... yeah.
And we get to hear from Alex Jamieson, who wrote the book tomorrow!

 Cupcakes! I didn't personally eat one but their display was lovely

Now this I did consume... amazing olive oil from all over the place.. Fantastic

Nana was in lurve with this guy because he was opening Rodney Strong; and the Pinot Noir was delicious :)

More cupcakes :)

Watermelon gazpacho that my mom loved

Rodney Strong... my mom kept saying she wanted to take Rodney home. Funny though, we actually brought Rodney with us from home to the hotel!


Obviously :)

Modernist Cuisine's version of 'carrot' the carotene butter was to die for!
tomorrow we get to hear from Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, one of the authors

This is upon our arrival... chipper and ready for goodie bags and partying!

POM wonderful... yes it is!!

This is only the first day folks... please stay tuned; there is so much information it would be impossible to cover it in one blog post. Pictures to tease and way too much more info to follow!

Wish you were all here with me!!


  1. It's been fun, hasn't it. Great meeting you in person too!

  2. Aaahh I'm so envious! This looks like SO much fun! :]

  3. I am SO glad you posted this! It let me live vicariously through your fabulous conference experience while I, um, worked this weekend. I know, I'm a loser. Oh, and I can't believe you didn't have a cupcake. I would have had one of every flavor :)

  4. Kelli... it was so lovely meeting you in person! And thank you again for the wheatberries! I will be sure to use them in an upcoming post :) Did you stay for Sunday? And enjoy?

    Amber... I hope you come next year! It was a fantastical weekend!

    Azmina... and I have so so so much more to share! It's hard to even start because we heard from so many great people and ate so much wonderful food! I want everyone to go next year! And p.s. you're not a loser for working! I probably would have been doing the same thing if I were at home! And yes, sadly I didn't have a cupcake; I was too distracted by all the fantastic wine!!! :)



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