Friday, August 13, 2010

Fak'n Bac'n, the B.Z.O.T Sandwich. A vegan B.L.T.

Oh fak'n bac'n how I lurve you! This was a totally random dinner that has officially made it to the top of my 'I want to eat this every day, morning noon and night for the rest of my life' list. Oh, and then when I go to heaven, I want to continue eating this delicious sandwich in mass quantity... it's that good. Really.

Luckily for me (and the fate of this sandwich), I Skyped with Tolley last night which sucked up the better half of my evening. Only after I got off the computer did I realize I was probably hungry and should probably eat something; oh, and feed my men.

What's in the fridge? Nothing!! Well, not quite nothing but close to nothing. As nothing as any of our refrigerators get, really. My fantastic mom though, cleaned out her refrigerator and stocked mine with enough non-meat products to feed a small country. One of those things? Fak'n Bac'n. It really doesn't taste like bacon which is fine with me because even when I did eat meat, I was one of the two people in the whole wide world who doesn't like bacon. Gasp!

I got this brilliant idea to make a bac'n sandwich which killed three birds with one stone: 1. Family fed, 2. Fake meat products responsibly used, 3. Try out my new pan my mom gave me. it was a win win... win.

Also? This was ridiculously easy so lets call that another win...

1 pkg bac'n
1 loaf artisan bread
1 pkg Daiya vegan cheese (or other vegan cheese)
1/2 zucchini, thinly sliced,using a mandoline preferrably
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced, using a madoline preferrably
Tomato, sliced thin.

Open your bac'n and on med/high heat, cook on both sides on a flat pan. This takes about 10 minutes.... that's 5 min per side gang.

While your bac'n is cooking, slice your bread into about 1/2 inch thick slices. Also, use this time to madoline your zucchini and onion as well.

Note: Honey decided to randomly turn the video camera on while I was cooking. I found it while I was editing pictures; it's so random, perhaps I will post it so you can see what it's like in our kitchen! Why did that come up now? Because when I watched the video it appeared to be mostly me slicing bread and talking to Noodle while Jordin Sparks belted it on the stereo.

When your bac'n is done, turn off the stove and get started on your sammies. First, get your pan... I used the Mario Batali old school panini press (as Mark says). It ROCKS!! (I kind of want to make out with it) Get it on the stove and heat to med/high heat. Note: you can use another panini press or just a regular pan but I'm telling you, this one is a-mazing.

While your pan is heating, build your sandwich like this:
1. Lay a piece of bread down
2. Sprinkle with Daiya 'cheese' (note: this is the BEST vegan cheese known to mankind, ever in life!!!)
3. Layer your zucchini on top, overlapping one another slightly
4. Layer your onion on top of that, overlapping slightly

5. Stack a few pieces of bac'n on top of the onion

6. Add tomato here if you are adding tomato (I did some with and some without)
7. Srinkle some more amazingness that is Daiya cheese
8. Top with your other piece of bread
9. Repeat x number of times depending on how many sandwiches you want.

Put them in the pan, as many as will fit at once and put the lid on so they get all smushed down and flatly delicious. Let them cook for about five minutes, but check them every once in a while. At five minutes, flip the sandwiches over. If you can, try to get the grill marks even, otherwise, if you're not anal about such things, don't worry about it.

When they are done, aka melty crusty, flat, gooey, slice them as you desire and serve!

They are great by themselves or you can serve with a lovely green salad for color.

Without tomato...

With tomato...

Can't stop eating it...

Another pic without tomato... I mean, does that not look delicious??

Panini Grill


  1. There is nothing like a panini right off the grill...this looks delicious!

    I love your about page by the way. I can relate to so much of what you've written!

  2. I fancy having this with a warm cup of coffee. Looks great.

  3. This looks so, so good! I love when meals come together with just the few random things left in the fridge and turn out so delicious!

  4. Jennifurla... thank you! They were so delicious :)

    Ameena... you're so right about paninis! And thank you so much for the about me compliment... I love that you understand!

    Spoon & Chopsticks... thank you! Coffee would be good too :)

    Sarah... so true! It's nice to 'use it up' in a good way!



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