Monday, August 23, 2010

The Marriage Cupcake...

This weekend was yet another fun filled whirlwind of events! Saturday we ventured downtown to attend the Bite of Bellingham event. Um, can I just say I stuffed myself silly? Holy good food. The only disappointment? The Swan Cafe, which is in our fantastical Bellingham Food Co-op had electricity problems so I didn't get my falafel... boo. Apparently they fixed it later though, because just this morning my nanny recanted visions of her friend enjoying the giant falafel sandwich that I was salivating for.

Honey had some good 'meaty' things too. He has to get his meat fix somewhere since I don't cook it for him. Here you see him enjoying one of his all time favorite meals: a muffaletta....


Peace, Love, Pizza... I was so bummed that the KGB was out when we got there. And you know it's got to be good because we got there only a half hour after it started!! I want me some KGB!!

No worry though, because after the Bite of Bellingham we ventured out to one of our favorite places: Dakota Creek Winery for their annual Art at the Winery event. As luck (or the falafel lords) would have it, along with a ton of lovely art, they had falafel! Hooray for a vegan option :) So in the end I did get my falafel and it was falafel-licious; and now I'm on a falafel binge and I will be posting my own fafafel-licious version. I'm also on a mission to see how many times I can say falafel in one paragraph. (7 times)

Ken and Jill did a great job selecting the artists and musicians for this lovely event. The food was also fantastic and the wine? Well, we all know how good the wine is and how much I love it!

I told Ken and Jill that I want to cook La Pure Mama food next year... And just to satisfy the 'masses' I'll even enroll my mom to make some of her famously wonderful non vegan dishes! Who knows, maybe they will let me :)

Here you see they offer several options including 'meat on a stick' and the polar opposite: falafel from heaven. Also, the watermelon salad? Mmm good. See? I just love salad!

After we ate and wandered through the wares for sale we had a tour from one of the lovely volunteers. He was incredibly enlightening on the winemaking process and answered my question as to whether or not I would be able to make wine myself... probably not. I'll just continue enjoying Ken and Jill's endeavors.

Auntie, Uncle and I all bought some great herb and spice rubs which you will see in some upcoming posts... mmm :)

And if this isn't a contradiction I don't know what is... disgusting bloody meat from the stick in one hand and delicious falafel from heaven in the other... she's versatile like that.

And the meat on a stick... look at the girl in the background, she looks disgusted; or curious as to why I was forever taking pictures of food. Hey, I have a food blog lady. And I'm weird.

And to top off a fantastic weekend, we had Miss Jamie's bridal shower yesterday and we all stuffed ourselves silly with my wheatberry kale salad (post to come) and two that my mom made for the carnivores: greek chicken and pan asia salad. We also had a lovely cheese array courtesy of Auntie Erin, from Samish Bay Cheese, Pleasant Valley Dairy (Adventure Wednesday for this one) and truffle cheese from Joe's.

But what shower is complete without the ultimate dessert? My best friend happens to have a steadfast obsession with cupcakes so there was no question about what I was going to make for dessert, more like how was I going to do them. And then I decided on beautiful simplicity; a lovely all white cupcake drown in sparkly sprinkles and topped with a giant diamond... I mean, what girl doesn't want all that?

Oh! And I got a new camera!! So this post is our camera's food blog debut. I'm still getting the hang of how it works (it's way fancier than my old one) so bear with me as I figure it out.

Also, I have several posts coming up that don't involve salads so look forward to it! For those of you who are hanging in there and not un-following me because of my salad obsession, thank you! I'm seriously considering re-naming this blog 'She Eats Salad'. Ha!



  1. I LOVE the ring-on-the-cupcake idea! May have to use that someday ;D

  2. I love those marriage cupcakes! The ring on top is such a great idea.

  3. Can't wait for the post on the wheatberry kale salad! Are you going to be at the IFBC? Come find me (Kelli) and I'll have wheatberry samples to share. :)

  4. Amber, thank you! They were so pretty :)

    Marisa, thank you so much! Glad you stopped by!

    Kelli, I was going to post it today but the falafel was so darn good! It's coming tomorrow. And yes! I'm going to IFBC! So glad to hear you will be there... I will definitely stop by!!

  5. The wedding shower cupcakes are gorgeous, and the ring on the cupcake is so clever.



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