Friday, August 27, 2010

We're off to IFBC!

This morning the fam and I are heading down to good old Seattle Washington for Foodista's International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC). We are so excited for the weekend (rain, stay away!) as we have a lovely lineup of restaurants to try and sights to see.

International Food Bloggers Conference 2010

IFBC has a great lineup including Morgan Spurlock, director of Supersize Me as tonight's featured speaker. And can I say? I love that he is going to be there?? I am so excited to hear him speak; I'm also hoping to get a picture with him. That would be fantastical!

Along with the great speakers tonight there is an awesome lineup all weekend. There isn't one class I don't want to attend!

Stay tuned all weekend because I will be blogging about the great food and info. Also, if you're not around your computer, I will also be tweeting and I may even throw a little facebook in there, just for fun; so if you don't already, I'd love for you to 'follow' me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook... there is sure to be some amazing things to share.

I'm so looking forward to sharing the weekend with you, my friends!


  1. Sounds like a great event. Have a good time!

  2. Have such a good time Ellen! I can't wait to hear how the weekend goes!!!!

  3. Ahh, you're so lucky you're going to that! Have fun!

  4. Lazaro, so amazing!I'm trying to encapsulate the info for you and everyone else!

    Julea, thank you! It was an incredible weekend :)

    Amber, wish you were here too! I have so much knowledge to share now... consider coming next year!!



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