Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day at the Farmer's Market

Alright, I know I said it was fall, and it is! But yesterday it wasn't. This, as I keep saying, is the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday was gorgeous! Windy but gorgeous. I actually love the sunny warm wind days. My mom always said the warm wind is called a 'chinook'. Who knows if that is true or if she just made it up :)

Anyway, so yesterday we went to the Bellingham Farmer's Market as a family and in a rare moment, I wasn't behind the camera!

 It was a gorgeous day and we got a ton of fabulous fruits/veg from a couple of local stands. We also had a chance to eat lunch at Boundary Bay... our favorite 'go-to' lunch spot for Farmer's Market adventure days.

These are some squash from my new favorite grower: North Fork Gardens. Not only is everything gorgeous, Gail was especially nice and welcoming to her stand; which was a lovely and very welcome change from another stand, unfortunately :) So thank you! Again, for the lovely squash and the free tomatoes!!

I'm thinking of emailing Gail to make North Fork Gardens an upcoming Adventure Wednesday... fun!

And yes, that is an AWESOME boot on my foot... don't be jealous... I know you want one. Remember the half marathon that I'm supposed to be running today? (right now in fact) Yeah, not so much with a fractured foot and a super fashionable boot! :) Honey told me I could run the half marathon as long as I wore my boot. Given the fact that I can hardly walk with the dumb thing on, that was out of the question.

Noodle wanted his favorite... so he picked it out and was very proud :) And he's super cute.

Picking up some tomatillos and carrots. I was going to use the carrots in a post and then I got home and ate them all raw.

Even though summer is quickly diminishing, I do love this time of year for many reasons... one of which are the dahlias. They are a beautiful, last ditch effort of summer... perfect ending :)

And oh the tomatoes... so lovely. I went home and picked the last of the fruit from our own vines and used them in conjunction with Gail's that she gave us. Stay tuned for that post.

Stay tuned for some great posts featuring the lovely fruits/veg we picked up... oh, and Auntie Erin 's GI-NORMOUS zucchini... holy goodness gracious, this thing is monstrous! And apparently it was one of the smaller ones... yeah!

Also, thank you Honey, for being the brains behind the camera... good job!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Sorry to hear about your foot and the 1/2. :(

  2. Aw, sorry you couldn't run your 1/2, that sucks!

  3. Raw carrots are one of my favorite snacks,

    Dahlia's are one of my favorite flowers,

    And of course, Noodle is one of my favorite little boys!

    Happy Fall!

  4. Poor thing! So sorry about the boot. But you're sporting it so fashionably I honestly didn't notice it at first!

    Love the flowers! Feel better soon. You'll be backing to running better than ever.

  5. Aww that stinks about your foot! But I guess a farmer's market is second best? :) Beautiful photos!


  6. Kelli, thank you! It was a particularly beautiful bunch... and thanks about my foot! It's so silly!

    Amber, thank you ;)

    Lindsey, you're so sweet! There's nothing like a raw carrot fresh from the ground :) Coming to town anytime soon? Wouldn't it be fun to get the boys together for a reunion? x0x0

    Baking Without a Box, Why thank you! That is very kind... I feel like Frankenstein in the darn thing! :)

    Sues, Thank you! The Farmer's Market definitely made up for it, for sure!

  7. So jealous of the pattypan squash! I've been looking for them with no luck. I'll have to grow some myself next spring.

  8. Ashlee... I tried to grow them this year but the rain was so persistent it just didn't work :) Our Farmer's Market is chock full of them right now so I'm definitely trying to take advantage :)



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