Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pom Wonderful Dinner Party... A Positively Pomtastic Recap!

A very big thank you to the lovely folks at Pom Wonderful! The La Pure Mama pomegranate dinner party was a smashing success!

Recently Pom Wonderful and Foodbuzz paired up and selected 100 bloggers to throw a pomegranate inspired dinner party. I was one of the 100 bloggers chosen to host a party and since I couldn't invite all of you to the party, I thought I'd share a recap here for you.

I spent an inordinate amount of time planning, practicing, prepping, designing and organizing this event. I felt like if I was going to do it I should do it right. All five courses were ideas I dreamt up and created from scratch, thank you very much!

The secret ingredient was... fun! The guests were perfect and the evening was an exciting, fun night to remember. I will absolutely be posting these recipes but for now, here is the pomtastic breakdown for you.

Following is a lovely little recap but please don't think this was all! Honey was my shutterbug for the party and he took over 800 pictures throughout the party. Yes, 800!

Visit the La Pure Mama facebook page for more photos of the fun we had

The Menu...

Setting the Atmosphere...
We had several rooms to travel from, all of which were decorated in honour of the pomegranate. In the kitchen area, I strung red ornaments of different sizes from the ceiling.
Of course we started with drinks in the pomegranate decorated kitchen

And a delicious cheese tray, for those cheese lovers. There was brie drizzled in pomegranate reduction, triple creme brie, asiago with rosemary and truffle cheese

We also had some delicious almonds and figs and, of course, pomegranate arils and quartered pomegranates, for decoration

The Bar...
The Sangria and other beverages were up for grabs in the bar

Grab a glass and have a drink!

The pomegranates themselves served to be lovely decoration. I also incorporated the boxes that the pomegranates came in because they were so cute.

I also provided the chef series cards for our guests' reading pleasure

The Dining Room...
Each table was crowned with a unique pomegranate centerpiece and personalized pomegranate place card made from wire twisted into fun angles and pom inspired beads

This is the chalkboard in the bar

The other half of the bar... being very well used!

Pom-tini, Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice, 360 organic vodka, fresh muddled lime, tonic float

Holiday Pomegranate Sangria, liquor and cinnamon infused fruit, JP Chenet cab-syrah, Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice and arils

Pomegranate Mimosa, Zefiro prosecco brut, splash Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice, finished with arils

The amazing cinnamon and pom infused sangria, topped with fresh arils... so good!

And, of course, no party would be complete with out a delicious pom-tini

And smiles from the guests

A cheers in the kitchen amongst the 'falling' pomegranates

 Pomegranate Walnut Pate... Served on a fresh cucumber slice and topped with aril

Tomato Pomegranate Bruschetta... With pomegranate reduction on freshly toasted crostini


Tomato Pomegranate Bruschetta

Pomegranate Tomato Soup... Served with homemade croutons and arils

Pomegranate Linguini... With roasted parsnips, shitake mushrooms and spinach in a white wine reduction sauce, served atop a drizzle of pomegranate reduction


Pomegranate Super Salad... Kale, collards and arugula tossed in pomegranate garlic vinaigrette and served with marinated cucumber rounds and arils

Plating the salad for service

Pomegranate Lime Ice... Infused with rosewater and topped with Zefiro prosecco brut and arils

The Entertainment...
Now, don't get too excited, but I will be showing you my pomegranates. However, they are just pomegranates...

For the entertainment I showed everyone how to open a pomegranate and then they all had a chance to give it a try. It was... fun!

(Editor's note: I do realize this video is sideways, but I have caught the flu from my adorable nephew and am currently  floating in a NyQuil haze too tired to try and flip it or find the energy doing it over again.

So tilt your head to the side like you're eating a taco* and enjoy the fantastical demo.

Add'l note: I feel like the 'sideways-ness' might work in my favor. There is a prize for the most creative video and really, what is more creative than a mandatory neck cramp?)

* Insert classic T.W.S.S. and maniacal laugh of satisfaction.

The Guests... (well, most of the guests)
even more colorful than the food and truly the 'main course' of the dinner party :)

Plus... they all got into the spirit and dressed with pomegranates on their mind, resulting in a sea of various shades of red. I won't get in to what happened to my original outfit :)
Note: the 'good' guests took their centerpieces home. Thank you!!
These 'bad' guests left their pomegranates for me :)

The fun we had...
(and as I said above... there are a ton of pictures!!
Visit the La Pure Mama facebook page for more pomegranate fun)


  1. looks like you guys had lot of fun...the pictures are awesome...all the pom color looks lovely...the drinks look fab...!! congratulations..great event.

  2. I would have loved to have been there with you all! What fun and what awesome creativity! Woohoo! You rock. Hope you win the contest!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. What a fabulous party. Looks like a lot of fun. Congrats on constructing and executing a fabulous menu. You really did an amazing job. Hope your guests appreciate your hard work.


  4. What delicious fun. Wish I was there...

  5. Pomegranate dinner party? Now that is unique! The food and the decor all look amazing!

  6. Turmericnspice... Yes, it was so fun! Thank you for all the compliments! Everyone went out of their way to dress the part and make the night fantastical :)

    Melissa... Thank you so much! You would have been an excellent guest, for sure! It was a blast :)

    Lazaro... Thank you :) They definitely appreciated my effort, for sure. It was fun and very challenging incorporating the pomegranate. A very good time!

    Claudia... it was so fun! Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting! Stay tuned for the recipes :)

    Amber... Unique, yes! And the pomegranate? Seriously not the easiest ingredient to incorporate. At least not to the extent that I did. It was all fantastic and thank you for your compliments!

  7. Holy crap!! As much time as I might've spent planning and doing my party, I think you must've spent at least 5x as much time and effort. :) This looks AMAZING! I think I would've preferred to come to your party, actually. ;) What wonderful, beautiful food!

  8. Heather... oh my gosh, thank you! Your party was fantastic, truly :) And I so appreciate your kind words. It was fun... and exhausting, as I'm sure you know! :)



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