Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snack Taxi... a review of a fantastical product!

As moms (and dads) know, school started a couple months ago. That means planning for school lunches, and snacks, preparing ahead of time (hopefully), packing those lunches and snacks, keeping it interesting, etc...

Snacks and lunches mean plastic bags. And do you know how many plastic bags you go through in a year? If it's as many as we (used to) go through, it's a lot. I do still use them for certain things at home but one of my favorite inventions for cutting down on the incessant use of plastic bags is the Snack Taxi.

Now, Noodle Nose isn't in 'school', persay, but he does go to Little Epistles, a daycare that requires a snack. Last year, instead of using plastic bags all the time, I found and ordered some Snack Taxis: reusable sandwich, snack bags intended to replace plastic bags therefore saving money and the environment. Bonus all around.

This year, I ordered more and couldn't stop raving about them so I hgt a hold of Erin, over at Snack Taxi. She agreed to send me some for a review which I was more than happy to do because they are a fantastic item and I am always pleased to review/promote things that are amazing.

If you have children requiring a lunch or snack, I highly recommend going to the Snack Taxi website. They have several different sizes ranging from 'snack' size, to 'sandwich' size to produce bags and more. They are very affordable, easy to use and clean and are way more fun to look at than a boring plastic bag.

If you have questions about Snack Taxis, feel free to comment or email the gang over there... they respond quickly and are super nice. I hope you give them a try!

Also, If you're in a pinch for something creative to put IN those fantastical Snack Taxis, check these out:

They're called 'sandwich on a stick'. Kebab sticks cut in half and loaded with Noodle's favorites: cherry tomatoes, 'cheese' and vegan 'turkey'.

You  can load your kebabs with whatever your little darling loves. They're fun to eat, easy to make and are sure to be a big hit.


  1. Cool product, I will have to remeber this when my girl start kindergarten

  2. Jennifurla... I hope you check it out! I love them :)



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