Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nutrition and Work

Despite the tite, this post has nothing to do with how to eat nutritiously at work, how work affects your nutrition, how nutrition affects your work, how nutrition is hard work, or how to work for nutrition. You get the idea.

This is however, an update, for those of you that are interested in the goings on of the gal behind the blog. Because lets face it: don't we all like to know just a little more about the bloggers we read? Please don't tell me I'm the only one!

So nutrition and work. Two topics that have recently radically changed for me. No, I didn't strike up a new relationship with that nasty Ronald McDonald, Cap'n Crunch or even Chester Cheetah. The diet is still in tact. I did though, finally take the leap to do something that I have been wanting to do for several years now.

I am officially a student again and I'm back at the desk to become something that I have wanted for a long time: a nutritionist.

So far it's great but I tell you what, the anatomy and physiology stuff? That's some hard stuff! Good thing I have a fantastic (and handsome) expert right in my own home. The other day I was studying and I said to Honey, 'man, this anatomy and physiology stuff is hard! No wonder it cost so much for you to go to school!'

So there's that... I'm sure I'll have more fantastic anecdotes about me gettin' all learned up. For now though, I'm just trying to navigate my way through the body...

Work: as some of you may know, I recently left my long time position as a paralegal to become a 'Woman of Leisure'. Totally kidding. 'Domestic Engineer' or 'Mama' is more appropriate.
Shortly after I left, a fantastic little position fell into my lap. I couldn't help but take it because it involves something I love just as much as food and nutrition, it is a huge education, great fun and easy access to conversations with people that are older than five. So where? Do you wonder? I'm working at the best little local wine shop in town: Purple Smile Wines; same place that hosts the wine club I'm a part of.

It's been a long time since I have had a new job and at a wine shop? Lovely. I am learning so much more about wine, which is fantastic. And the regulars? Let me tell you about them. Some of the most fantastic and entertaining people I have ever met. The owners are truly great too and I am very glad to be a part of it.

So if you're local, come on down and have a glass of wine! We can chat about food and wine and nutrition and all kinds of fun other things too.

For now that's it... lots of changes, all for the good and I am excited to share my new found knowledge with you. I have lots of new recipes for you, gang, so stay tuned and I promise to get them out for you!



  1. you are amazing miss ellen! i know how hard these big changes can good for you, dear friend! soooo exciting! i'll have to come by for a glass of wine & a hug! :)

  2. Ah, thank you so much miss Katie! As are you :) It's exciting and a very big step... you of all people definitely know that :) Definitely come by sometime!! We can talk school :)

  3. Wow! Back to school AND a wine job - hats off to you!

  4. Amber... thank you :) They're both fun at least! Although, just yesterday I was wondering what I had gotten myself into with school!

  5. I just stared following your blog, but I really enjoy reading your recipes and such! I am also studying to be a nutritionist through GCNM. I found your page on the Healthy Mamas Notebook blog about the school (so I am assuming that's who you are going through?). I am loving it as well and so excited about the information I am learning!! Anyway, just wanted to send a friendly hello to a fellow student out there. I agree there is a LOT to take in with the anatomy/physiology, but it's such great information...and there is more to come! I am just about to finish the first module and I am loving it! If you ever want to chat about lessons and such, hit me up! Until then, great blog...can't wait to try some of your recipes! :)

  6. GoodnessMeGoddess... thank you for following! I hope to see you here often and yes! I did go with GCNM :) How is it going for you? You're ahead of me... I'm still in the middle of the first module but I would LOVE to chat about the lessons, etc... Talk to you soon!!



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