Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VegFest Seattle

VegFest is coming! A 'fest' for veg and all things veg put on by Vegetarians of Washington. March 26th and 27th in Seattle at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

 It's sure to be a blast with samples (among other things). Oh yes, over 500,000 food samples from over 200 companies including some of my favorites. There will also be a VegFest bookstore (my fave), booths, demonstrations, speakers, classes and more... what a way to spend a weekend.

And hey! It's not just for the herbivores... carnivores? Come get in on the fun and learn/taste all the wonderfulness that is veg. Honey, the devout, yet incredibly flexible carnivore will be there; I may even talk him in to wearing his vegan vs. carnivore throwdown t-shirt!

Thank you Vegetarians of Washington, for putting on such a great fest. We can't wait for our 'Peen' adventure!

Hope to see you there!


  1. My husband and I need those shirts. :) Enjoy the festival, I want to hear a report about all 500 samples!!

  2. come to the next throwdown... I'll have extras!



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