Thursday, April 14, 2011

Popchips ... A Love Letter

Dear Popchips,

Hi. Perhaps you have heard this from others before, but I feel so strongly, I wanted you to know. To me you are delicious. Really really delicious. You are a delicious snack and so of course my instinct is to assume you must be bad for me. Bad like the bad boy girls just can't get enough of. But no, Popchips, you aren't like that. You're different. How do you do it, Popchips?

How are you so irresistibly light and crunchy and delectably flavorful without all the added yuck? Somehow you make everything about snacking all right. You're not fried, you're not baked, you have no trans fats, GMOs or artificial yuckiness. You are just popped crunchy flavorful deliciousness.

How in the world did we not meet sooner?

Popchips, I have something else I want to say. It might come off as a bit forward but I feel I should speak my heart. Popchips, I think I lurve you. All 120 calories of your snacking goodness.

I do have one concern, Popchips. It's pretty serious but I feel so comfortable with you; I can tell you anything. So, Popchips, why? Why are your bags so small? Let's work on that.


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a fantastical box of Popchips samples to try from the gang at Popchips. And try I did. I'm a huge fan of their snackers' credo.

And I was so sad yesterday when I discovered all of my little bags of delicious snacking goodness were gone. Tear.

And then I went to Fred Meyer. And they were there. On sale. And in a bigger bag. More please.

In all seriousness, Popchips are a wonderful snack. And y'all know I'm not a huge fan of processed snacks due to all the 'other' added ingredients. The fantastic thing is Popchips don't add the nasty stuff. The flavor list on their website has all the ingredients and their FAQ answers all your questions... and more.

When I received my box, I, of course immediately opened a bag. And ate the whole thing. Then I wondered what was in it to make it taste so good so I read the packaging and trolled the Popchips' amazing website. If you get a chance, you should too. It's not only incredibly informative, it's pretty fun to read as well.

The long and the short of it is this: Popchips are made from potatoes but they aren't a potato chip. They turn them into the equivalent of a kernel of corn and then pop it into a light, delicious snack!

They are grease free because they use all natural non hydrogenated safflower or sunflower oil in the popping process. The best part? Popchips are ultra low in fat and completely devoid of trans fats. Most of the flavors have zero saturated fat, with the exception of a mere .5 grams in the sour cream & onion and cheesy flavors.

There are zero artificial flavors, msg, colors or preservatives in these little darlings; just a ton of flavor. That means Popchips last for about 12 months on the shelf because of the special packaging they use to keep them fresh, without preservatives. Trust me, they won't last that long. Seriously.

So, the flavors: we received original, barbecue, sour cream & onion, cheddar and sea salt & vinegar.

Now, I did not taste the sour cream & onion or the cheddar because they aren't vegan. Honey did happily test those flavors for me and is happy to report that they were both 'damn good', to quote precisely.
I did taste all the other flavors because the rest are completely vegan (and I didn't share... much). I did also taste the barbecue flavor which isn't technically vegan because it has a wee bit of whey in it. So here is what I have to say: I loved them all!

The sea salt & vinegar have the perfect combination of flavor, the sea salt & pepper is spicy and salty all together, original is just originally good and barbecue? Is actually really good! I don't typically like barbecue but something about this one quite lovely. It is natural tasting, smoky with a hint of sweet and spice.
I highly encourage all of you to give them a try. If you're going to snack, this is the way to go. Hands down. And if you live in the Bellingham area, they're on sale at Fred Meyer right now. Off you go.

If you have any questions or would like more information, it would make me smile if you emailed me at: lapuremama[at]gmail[dot]com.



  1. I bought 2 bags on Monday and they were both gone by Wednesday. You can eat the whole bag and it's only 360 I have learned. :)

  2. Over the weekend I ate a whole bag of the salt and pepper in just under 20 minutes! Love them! :)

  3. Oh man, I could polish off a whole bag of these with some homemade hummus. Mmm!

  4. Teri... and I saw your Facebook comment! Great, there goes my diet :)

    Jame... they're great with HP too!

    Amber... seriously! it's a good thing they aren't too bad for you!!

  5. BBQ are not vegan. hope 5 didn't burst your bubble.



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