Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peach Lime Mojito

Oh I've got posts for you alright. All kinds. I have them but I decided I should first get you all happy and camper-y with an adult beverage that is both irresistible and irresistibly delicious. And delicious. And oh so summery.

Oh yeah. La Pure Mama is putting on her bedazzled bartender cap. And it's going to be awesome. Prepare to be tempted with a mouth watering cocktail. And don't hold back. Have two.

Except for one thing: In real life it is common knowledge worldwide amongst the people that dare to come over and test their livers on my attempts that I am a terrible bartender. I. Am. Not. A. Bartender. Instead I am terrible.

My drinks are too strong. You may say that makes me an awesome bartender. But it doesn't. It doesn't. And I keep trying to get The Real McCoy to come over and straight up school me. Much to my disappointment that hasn't happened.

Even Jamisson, bartender extrordinaire and BFF to boot has attempted to wave her magical bartender wand on me but alas there are no dice.

I remain a terrible coctail concoctioner. I'll stick to pouring wine because I am good at that darn it. At least that's something.

My point in this cocktail (or cocktail-less) rant is that I made a cocktail! I made a cocktail!

Well yes, mojitos existed before me but I put this one together all my myself and it's really good. And so you should make it because you will think it's delicious. Perfect for a summery sunshiny day. Or a rainy day. Or a day. Any day in general will do.

1/4 medium lime cut into 2 or 3 slices
4-5 whole mint leaves
Some peach 360 vodka (see, here lies my problem 'some' I don't know... a couple shots?)
Ice cubes
Fizzy water (club soda... whatever you want to call it)
Frozen peach slices

In a pint glass, combine lime pieces and mint leaves. Muddle the heck out of them using a muddler or the handle of a whisk if you're a non-bartender like me. And when you're muddling, get in there. Really give it to the limes and mint. This is key.

Add your peach vodka. Again the 'some' gets me in trouble. 2 shots? 3 shots? Eh. Give it all a good stir.

Fill your serving glass about half way with ice cubes. I used  a stemless red wine glass (because I don't use them for wine) and ended up with about 8-10 cubes.

Pour your vodka/lime/mint muddled mix into your serving glass.

Top off with fizzy water and garnish with a couple frozen peach wedges and a straw.

Just like that. And enjoy. And probably make sure you have another one close by because they are fresh, light, tangy and delicious.

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  1. I totally heart mojitos. You can make me one anytime. Or three.

  2. Why use Vodka? I tried this recipe this weekend and not a fan.. :(

  3. Anonymous... Well, why the heck not use vodka? The neat thing about 'creating' is there aren't steadfast rules. It's unfortunate you didn't like the drink; though isn't it nice that we can all have different likes and dislikes? I encourage you to branch out and get creative with the recipe. And if you want, let me know what you have come up with. I always love to hear reader's results from using their own creativity! :)



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