Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day and a So Delicious Giveaway

I'm back from vacation just in time for National Coffee Day!

Because who wants to miss a day dedicated to the beautiful, gorgeous and energizing dark elixir that greets us in the wee hours of the morning and perks us up in the afternoon... and evening... and well, whenever?

Who doesn't love coffee? Yes, there are some and that's ok because what I have brought to you today, thanks to the amazing folks at So Delicious, is not just for coffee. No sir.

Now, if you've been reading for a while you know already that I absolutely lurve So Delicious products. I use them ridiculously frequently and in many varied recipes. To break it down, So Delicious is the bomb. The bomb dot com.

And so I am so excited to share their creamer AND SOME GIVEAWAYS!!!! with you today. On National Coffee Day.

Their creamer is awesome and as I have already said, it's definitely not just for coffee. I do use it in the am but I also cook and bake with it. It's thick, rich and full of healthy good things. Double positive!

So celebrate National Coffee Day with a cup o' the joe paired with one of the delicious So Delicious creamers: Original, which is great for replacing 'cream' in cooking and baking and hazelnut or vanilla are fantastic to add a little more 'oomph'.

And heck, we should all have a little oomph for National Coffee Day, yes?


Because So Delicious is so awesome, they have given me four, count them, four 'free product' coupons to giveaway to my loyal and amazing readers.

And entering? Well, it's a cinch... just leave a comment here telling us your favorite coffee beverage and perhaps an idea of what to use So Delicious creamer with other than just for coffee. I'm making it easy for you because I lurve you. Do it up and you're entered in!

Because of my sort of lateness slash on timeness (I'm blaming it on our vacay), I will have this giveaway end on Sunday. Because two days should be good AND Sunday happens to be my bestie and her hubs' one year anniversary. Happy one year A my darling doodles!

Enter for a chance to get a free So Delicious product... so easy. Have fun and off you go!


  1. My latest obsession is coffee made in my french press (freshly-ground grounds of course) and a bit of vanilla coconut milk. Makes the morning so perky!

  2. Ooh! I love SoDelicious. I like my coffee plain, with just a touch of creamer. I also love to use their creamers in ice cream! Great giveaway.

  3. I've never tried So Delicious. Never heard of it before reading your blog. I'm lactose intolerant and the "non-dairy" creamer I've been using is just shy of nauseating. Hmm, what would I use it in besides coffee? When I have high or low tea, I would use it then, both for the tea and if I decided to bake from scratch, in the pastries and other goodies I would serve, since you've proven it can be used for cooking.

  4. I like hazelnut coffee.
    eugeniewu at gmail dot com

  5. I like dark French-roast coffee.
    hlee99 at gmail dot com

  6. Right now, I'm addicted to homemade lattes of the pumpkin variety. But I bet a So Delicious creamer would help me whip up a coconut mocha latte! And, I'm digging the spread ever since you recommended it. I stocked up at Whole Foods so I wouldn't have to make a return trip just for that anytime soon. :)

  7. I'm obsessed with So Deliscious products.. milk, creamer, yogurt and ice cream!. I have all four products sitting in my fridge right now and use them for anything from, coffee, cereal, baking, oatmeal... well, you get the idea!

  8. I love coffee but I drink too much so I limit myself to only have coffee as a treat if we go out somewhere. However I drink tea at home and I bet this would make an excellent creamer for that! I have never tried the creamer but I love their ice cream and milks!! Also I have some dessert recipes I have been wanting to try that use soy creamer in them. This would be perfect for experimenting for the holidays! Thanks!

  9. I use it to make home-made vegan ice cream. So creamy and yummy!

  10. I get an americano...and then when I get home I dump half in a glass, add coconut milk and ice and try not to drink it down too fast! :)

  11. I love baking with So Delicious creamer! The French Vanilla flavor is not only perfect for my morning cup of coffee, it also makes the most amazing Teeccino lattes and chai tea!

  12. Hubs and I drink fresh home ground coffee, and I like original flavor creamer. Vanilla creamer is a great substitute for milk in pancakes, though! Yummm.

  13. I love coffee with just a tad bit of creamer and sweetener. So Delicious creamer would be great in an Italian Soda, too :)

  14. I like coffee black or with a few drops of caramel syrup. I might try the creamer in a blueberry smoothie or maybe with muesli. Thanks!



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