Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Low Calorie, Low Sugar Margarita

We'll call it the 'skinny' margarita! But way better than those mixes you buy in the store full of nasty fake sugar, which I loathe!

Try this today, or any day, for an incredibly refreshing and fun cocktail.

Add more or less tequila per your personal preference. I am not a huge tequila fan, but I find, with this recipe, I love it! As long as I spring for the top shelf stuff. Yeah. Sometimes I don't, but certain alcohols call for the goods :)

'Skinny' Margarita:
Makes... Maybe 6 drinks?? Depends on how strong and fruity you want your drinks. I like the 'spritzer' theory... Fun but not 'college drunk crazy' :)

Juice of 6 limes
Juice of 3 oranges
8-12 oz top shelf tequila
1/2 cilantro bunch stems, wrapped in string
Fizzy water
Cava, or other dry bubbles

In a pitcher, combine lime and Orange juice with tequila. Drop tied cilantro stems into the pitcher and let sit (up to overnight!)

To serve:
In a 16oz mason jar, pour 1/4 juice/tequila mixture, 1/2 fizzy water, and top with your bubbles.

Light, not too sweet, super refreshing, and low cal, ole!


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