La Pure Mama... Mamamia of the Sheen Family Northwest. My husband and I have the sweetest, smartest, most gorgeous and amazing child. And that opinion is completely unbiased. Seriously.

I am an ex-Paralegal turned domestic engineer or, 'woman of leisure' (pronounced 'leh-shure' and spoken with dripping sarcasm) as my Honey likes to joke, because there is no rest for this mama.

Aside from taking care of the house, child, big child husband, freak dog and overly fat cat, I am a home chef, recipe developer, friend and excercise obsessed enthusiast. I am also currently in school for my certification in nutrition. And I even dabble in the wine business every other weekend. Because apparently everything else I do just isn't enough (think sarcasm).

I love spending time in the kitchen; aside from running, it's the place I unwind. My culinary adventures though, really kicked into high gear when I went from carnivore to vegetarian, then vegetarian to vegan, then vegan to my current status of vegan-ish, as I call it.
Vegan-ish: Eating habits which lie somewhere between vegan and vegetarian. 
Lacking the snobbery often found with veganism. Likely still dripping with dry sarcasm.

Call it vegan or vegetarian or vegantarian. I prefer not to label 'what' I am. instead I choose to focus on the goodness of food that isn't meat.

In general 99 percent of what I make is vegan. Every once in a while though, a vegetarian dish will grace the pages of La Pure Mama. (Usually after I get eggs from Auntie Erin's happy, incredibly spoiled and well taken care of chickens)

My goal for this blog is to simply share my ideas on simple, tasty and healthy meatless eats; things you can make for your family. Because everything you see here are meals and treats I feed my family. And that's what it's about, yes?

Let this blog be proof (and motivation) that meatless is simple, delicious and fun. If you're a carnivore, try a meatless night! If you're vegetarian or vegan or somewhere in the middle, I hope to inspire you to try something new.

I say eat what you love (keep it healthy!!) and have fun making it.

Oh, and if you have any questions about anything, always feel free to email me at lapuremama[at] I love hearing from you!



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